Yandere simulator ending

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It's only been six years!!! Wow the script for the end is kind of awful. I swear I wrote something far more interesting 3 years ago I did. He starts to walk out of the courtyard and then hears a giggle behind him. It's Yan-chan and she's cleaned up somewhat and looks pretty ordinary. You're Ayano-chan right? Do you know what's going on? So he asks her what's going on and where is everyone.

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Yan-chan begins her confession and Senpai realises she's got a blood trail behind her and he begins to back away. He makes it to the door opens it and sees all the blood.

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Where is everyone? Did you hurt someone? We belong together. There's no one else who loves you like I do. And then she knocks him out and as she's standing over him she says:. Cut to Senpai strapped to a chair in Yan-chan's basement watching a news broadcast going over yandere simulator ending deaths of all the students and faculty of Akademi including Senpai and Yan-chan and the massive fire that burned everything down yes I know currently you can't kill everyone but let's pretend they died in the fire. This is 10x better than the actual thing, why on Earth weren't we given this instead? We can be fully justified in critiquing the game now!!

That's what I'm most excited about. And now that they've got an actual ending however difficult it is to getat least now it's starting to feel like an actual game. I am very impressed that they did all that before the guy who trips got to school. It would take me the whole school day oAo'. Okay, can we talk about the voice acting? I mean, it's not bad, but Also the terribly written dialog doesn't help, but still.

Senpai sounds like a robot. While Ayano's voice actress is talented in voice acting. I really wasn't feeling it here for her either.

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Searching for Osana. There is now an official genocide ending in yandere simulator. Posted by Mod is a job, simping is a life style. Sort by: best. Ever since I met you I've Get away from me!

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Continue this thread. I'm back!! Much better! Since we can judge the "game" now. Would rather play Action I am the one who arts. This is just pure edge. Mod is a job, simping is a life style. Here for the drama and the pretty boys.

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Eh not as interesting as I thought. Researching Alex Mahan. Nice we have an actual ending to this shitshow of a game. Wow that was shit. Synthetic Gremlin. More posts from the Osana community. A subreddit for Yandere Simulator! Created Dec 14, Top posts may 6th Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top.

Yandere simulator ending

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