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We are not far from the end of the Vampire Slave Kickstarter and we still have a long way to go to reach the desired goal. We need your help as much as possible to be able to give you the best experience! Have you ever experienced a forbidden romance between vampire and hunter?

So this is the perfect opportunity to play Chapter 1 of Vampire Slave absolutely for free! You can see everything in the descriptions. We need as much help as possible and y ou can make a difference! Vampire Slave is a Kinect novel where there are no choices. You can learn more about the story, see the trailer and among other things here. I mean, who has never fallen in love with a forbidden romance as a hunter and a vampire? You can also chat w ith us on Discord and find out all the news. Vampire Slave Kickstarter is active right now!

Y Press Games takes care of the quality of content, so we hope that with your support we can reach and even exceed the goal! You can watch the trailer, learn a little more about the universe and play the chapter 1 for free here! Read the level descriptions to learn more. Meet the characters! Visit our crowdfunding. Y ou can also help us by ing our Patreon! Find out more here. Mister Versatile. Being a lone wolf is not a good idea y press games these times. Be a powerful wizard. Tristan needs your help to reach his goal of becoming a great wizard. Help him on his journey by choosing a demon mentor and discover the price to pay.

Make y press games decisions here! Share your memes with us on Discord! Happy Pride Month! Part of the reason we celebrate pride is because the world was telling us we had to be ashamed. We take this month to show the world we have nothing to be ashamed of. Governor of Secren. U pon his arrival in Secren, Demetri meets Zheng-Li, a cruel and compassionless man. He wants Demetri to be his and Demetri sees an opportunity for protection.

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Will Demetri satisfy Zheng-Li in order to survive in Secren? Decide for yourself in Maelstrom! Perfect guy. Kanae is certainly a perfect man in every way, in a way that seems to have been a shoujo hero. But is he really like that or is there a different person behind the walls? Find out on Sentimental Trickster! Be the difference! Vampire Slave Kickstarter is getting closer! Celebrate the Pride Month with us on Discord!

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Do you want to save up for merch of your favorite characters? our Patreon! See the level descriptions to learn more! I y press games to break free. Miguel wants to escape from the most dangerous prison in the galaxy and for that to happen without breaking the law, he needs lawyers. Which would be? Find out more on Steam!

Notice me. When Haru goes to his new house, he meets Soichiro, the landlord. Will Soichiro change his mind of Haru? Find out more in Sentimental Trickster! New experiences. Explore the neighborhood full of surprises and hot guys at Morningdew Farms! Talk to us on Discord!! You can unlock the route after successfully getting all the romantic options available in Maelstrom.

It will definitely be worth it in the end, trust me! Go to the prison. Find out more here! Tristan was dominated in every way by Karn, his mentor. Will he change his mind? Find out more on steam! Be a Patron. Help us achieve our goal on Patreon with your support! You can make a difference by becoming a Patron and still receive future rewards. What are you waiting for? After 3 long years, tens of thousands of dollars, and the great work of our team—Alpha Hole Prison is finally released on Steam and Itch.

It was also the most expensive. There was no way we could have funded this project without your help. We mean this from the bottom of our exhausted hearts! Now we move on to the next stage of the development process: The launch. We can say without any exaggeration that the future of Y Press Games depends on the success of this game.

We made a bet that if we put the time and care into making an incredible large game that spoke to our souls that it would pay off for us. If you can forgive a few early launch glitches, please review us favorably. We want to be able to continue to make more awesome games in the future for you. Hostile ahead. Jader appears to be someone hostile, but his sulky appearance may mean nothing. Decide for yourself on Maelstrom! Villain secrets. Mister Versatile and Driller have been enemies for as long as he can remember.

Demons on the cell. Kenta by exploring y press games laboratory with different incubus! Surrender their seductions or resist the attempts. Make your choices in To Trust an Incubus! See the news on Discord! Next month, we will make Kickstarter available for one of our newest projects at the moment: Vampire Slave! To avenge his mother, Dusty has no choice but to forces with Thalos. Alpha Hole Prison.

Alpha Hole Prison is planned to launch this month! Visiting the Vineyard. On one of his explorations in the new city, Cody met Sanjay, a man with a refined taste and passionate about wine. Would a man like Sanjay fall in love with someone like Cody? Only you will find out at Morningdew Farms! Support us! Read the level description for more details. Stay with the last post for this week and our Discord! In the meantime, get ready by playing the other three routes available on Steam!

Wizard journey. The only way to achieve your powers is through your demon mentor. Make your choices in My Magical Demon Lover! Want more games? Support us on Patreon!

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We have other levels, so click the link to learn more. Any help is appreciated! Twitter Facebook Tumblr. Our Kickstarter needs help! Like this: Like Loading Follow us on Twitter My Tweets. Follow us on Facebook. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

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