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This is not to say that Wright is untalented.

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It is quite an image. The Woman in the Window is based on a best-selling, pseudonymous novel by the notorious fabulist Daniel Mallory, whose history of lies, delusions, and borderline window girl sex game writing practices was outlined in a phenomenal New Yorker profile by Ian Parker —an investigative piece that re like a thriller.

Suffice it to say that a movie about a promising young novelist lying his way to the top of the publishing industry is potentially richer than yet another variation on the archetype of the middle-aged woman whose mind is playing tricks on her. Currently, Jake Gyllenhaal is slated to play Mallory in an upcoming Netflix series that promises to split the difference between Nightcrawler and Shattered Glass. Sounds good, actually. In the meantime, though, The Woman in the Window arrives as damaged goods, its ending reportedly rewritten by Tony Gilroy after a series of disastrous test screenings.

The Woman in the Window completes an unofficial trilogy with Hillbilly Elegy and the HBO miniseries Sharp Objects in which the actress—whose past brilliance is undeniable—has striven almost fetishistically to give her characters rough, jagged edges. Here, her Anna Fox is psychologist on professional leave while she sorts through some undefined trauma of her own. The gimmick of her character pathologically carving words into her own flesh only partially ed for the ways the actress managed to get under our skin.

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It does, however, boast that irresistibly and derivatively Hitchcockian hook of a crime witnessed surreptitiously at a distance by a nosy protagonist—the voyeur imperiled by her own peeping. The second Jane is played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, maybe the greatest American actress of her generation, although a case for that title could also be made for Moore. After directing the actor to an Oscar as Winston Churchill in Darkest HourWright lets Oldman sleepwalk skillfully through a stock sinister-asshole performance bereft of hidden depths. Peering into multiple apartments with his telescope, he could just as easily be seen as a proto-channel-surfer, and the miniature dramas he takes en route to the discovery that his neighbor is a wife killer are suggestive of so many of his own sublimated feelings and desires: for family, for companionship, for sex.

It vibrates with the possibility that there are secrets out there waiting to be discovered. You made it out alive.

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The Bucks star carried the franchise to its first title in 50 years with one of the most jaw-dropping performances in NBA Finals history. Not only did he deliver on his championship promise, he delivered on everything he has said on his long, winding journey to the peak of his powers—and the sport. Plus, JJ closes the show with some wager talk and a few picks from Jeff Money.

Think you know how a sport becomes part of the Olympics?

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Window girl sex game

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‘The Woman in the Window’ Should Never Have Seen the Light of Day