Vagina games

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A company vagina games of France has gamified pelvic floor exercises. And created a very unique controller. Most women have heard that they should be doing Kegels — exercises to strengthen their pelvic muscles and stave off incontinence. How many actually bother though? Enter Perifit. An exercise tracker that addresses vaginal laziness in the tech sphere. Working with physiotherapists, the team developed five vagina games programs that target different pelvic floor conditions. To play, you insert the external or should we say internal controller into your vagina and squeeze those muscles.

The device will in turn measure and track your progress, and let you do stuff like control butterflies:. Time to crack open that dummy. Perifit success clearing indicate that us ladies are interested in looking after our vaginas — sometimes we just need a little education and guidance. Nah but this is actually pretty cool. Imagine Doom, but in order to fire your weapon you have to squeeze the thing. If any guys were seriously annoyed at this though, I would greatly enjoy telling them where they can put it.

Lots of potential there. Every time the little butterfly collects a complete row of coins it could emit a short vibration. The Japanese release of some of the earlier Custom Order Maid games can be. Username or Address. Remember Me. First Name. Last Name.

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Vagina games

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This is a Video Game for your Vagina