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Sure, the name Strip Poker may give you an initial cheap laugh. However, this is actually part of a long-running series that sold very well during the 90s. This particular version of Strip Poker that I am reviewing today is the fourth entry in the series and it was originally released in At its core Strip, Poker is still a poker game, all be it a very basic poker game. There is a pot that you want to win and you will add to it and of course, you have the potential to lose it all as well. If you do not know poker, the learning curve here can feel very steep.

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I am not the best poker player in the world, but I did manage to win a few rounds. You are not playing a game that is called Strip Poker for the actual poker. There is a small selection of girls for you to pick from and as well as trying to beat them in poker, you are playing them so that they take their clothes off. You have to keep in mind that Strip Poker is a game from and the still photos they have used are not the quality that you would get in a game today.

Still as far as these early Strip Poker games go this one here is regarded as the best when it comes to the visuals.

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If you see images from the third game in the series and put them next to the ones in this game. You can see that the images used here are a fair bit sharper. Of course, a poker game even with big boobs is only going to be as good as the actual poker. To be honest with you this is as barebones poker as you can get. To be fair to it though this was all people were looking for back in It was actually one of the more popular poker games back in the day. The whole story of the Strip Poker series is one that is quite interesting.

It managed to run for many years, had expansion packs where you could get new girls and it was also one of the more controversial games. I say this because there were more than a few stores who flat out refused to sell this game. I have to be honest and say that by standards, Strip Poker is more of a curiosity than a great game.

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The poker is quite basic, but if you love poker there is some fun to be had. Of course, hot chicks are always going to be something that is cool to look at. There is just not a whole lot of substance here. However, I would advise that you set your expectations low, like really, really low as this is a very basic poker game. Although while I say that the Strip Poker series was actually very popular back in the day and this version here which was released in was actually the fourth game in the series. Strip Poker is a game that is about poker. If you do not know how to play poker you will not be able to get very far.

I am at best an average poker player, but I managed to win a few games. The game is very bare bones in terms of its poker and while this is strip poker, you still have a pot that you can win, add to and lose. Hey, no judgment here and there are some nice looking ladies here for you to play against.

You get to select three that you want to play against and you are not just playing for the pot, you are playing for them to take their clothes off. The game is all done in still images and actually, by standards, these are some pretty clear images. They are a little dated by today's standard, but to be fair these were quite an upgrade from what Strip Poker III offered in terms of their quality.

It is my understanding that the visuals are really the only thing that got a big upgrade in PC - Strip Poker. It is hard to know for sure as you can get the whole game online, but back in the day, only a handful of characters were available on the original version. You could though add more girls strip poker game download even guys if you were to purchase expansion packs. Well believe it or not back in the day this was actually considered one of the better poker games. That was the better part of three decades ago and things have changed a lot now.

The game of poker is the game of poker and Strip Poker Professional does play a decent game of poker to be fair.

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However, if you are playing this for the naked ladies Strip Poker Professional is pretty tame by today's standard. I actually find the whole history of the game more interesting than the game itself. This was a series that was pretty big and controversial back in the day.

Some stores even refused to sell the game. While you might think that Strip Poker Professional is going to give you a bit of a naughty thrill. There are a ton of better poker and of course strip poker games out there so this is one old school game that I feel is more old and less classic. Browse games Game Portals. Games Lula Games. Strip Poker.

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Install Game. Click the "Install Game" button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Game review Downlo Screenshots P Poker Face! Is It Any Good? Overall rating: 3. Lewd Island.

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Strip poker game download

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