Sto mind game walkthrough

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Khnialwhich since its last appearance has been further upgraded into a formidable dreadnought. The player is captured by Hakeev and Selawho brainwash sto mind game walkthrough into serving the Tal Shiar. The player's loyalties are tested multiple times: they are forced to murder one of their bridge officers actually a hologrambuild a thalaron weapon, and forcibly install Borg implants into a captured Republic officer.

Throughout, they hear the voices of Tovan Khev and Sela urging them to fight and give in, respectively, to the conditioning. Khimek eventually manages to help the player break free of the indoctrination, and als their ship to come and rescue them. In the meantime, the player infiltrates deeper into the ship and gathers information about Hakeev's activities for the Republic.

When the player's vessel arrives, the player beams aboard and le a Republic task force in an attack on the Khnialeventually destroying it although Hakeev and Sela manage to escape through an Iconian gateway. Your cover as a Tal Shiar agent has been blown and your location is currently unknown. Stay alive — we're looking for you. Depending on where you are, perhaps you can salvage this mission. If there's any intelligence you can recover before you are discovered, bring it back. This mission is repeatable through Mission Replayalthough the Rewards for completing will be reduced.

Items scale to a player appropriate level Scaling Rewardsas followed:.

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Mind Game. Minimum Rank :. Repeatable :. In Shadows. Experience Points :. Expertise :. You will receive the following reward:. Board the I. Khnial from the Hobus System, which is located in the Beta Quadrant. Storyline Missions. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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There are Four Lights. There are Five Lights. Agents of Yesterday.

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Klingon War. Romulan Mystery. Fek'Ihri Return. From the Ashes. Engineered for War. Cloaked Intentions. Cardassian Struggle. Borg Advance. New Romulus. Solanae Dyson Sphere. Delta Quadrant. Iconian War. Yesterday's War. Future Proof. New Frontiers. Gamma Quadrant. Age of Discovery. J'Ula's Discovery. Klingon Civil War. Some missions may appear in alternative orders for some factions. Lost Dominion: The Cold War.

Sto mind game walkthrough

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