Sisters secret game walkthrough

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s: [ 1 ] 2 3 All. Hello, guys. So, I finally finished my first game with AGS. Hope you'll enjoy it. Jack Think deviant. Sexy, sexy. Payment coming your way.

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I think the art style is really well-suited to an adventure game, love the clean lines. Doesn't look like I can expect animation in these scenes, but I can hope, right? Retro Wolf Analysis Paralysis. The artwork is good, but Hentai games always come off a bit too rapey for my tastes. The girls always look in pain! Quote from: Retro Wolf on 22 Jul Quote from: Jack on 22 Jul I'll try the demo when I get the chance, and when the wife is sleeping LimpingFish Local Moderator Boink!

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I've taken the liberty to remove the more explicit images you posted, in lieu of discussing the open posting of adult content with my fellow moderators. It's not a big deal, but this is generally an " all ages " kind of place or, to sisters secret game walkthrough more accurate, we rarely have to deal with such contentso I'm erring on the side of caution for now. Congratulations on releasing your first game. EDIT: Having discussed the topic with some other moderators, the images in question can be re-posted, providing they are behind a spoiler tag.

This will prevent them being on general view, but those who wish to see them may do so freely. Hentai porn and JackLucy fapping to it aside - it'd be good if you could replace the main image in the DB to something less porn please, or risk having it removed.

This isn't an adult website, but whilst adult games are not unwelcome, and well done on your first ags game, but you need to come at it from a non-adult angle please, and that includes the imagery in its public places here. That's public not pubic. I've replaced that particular image on the db. You can also "edit the information" via the and put something there of your choosing, but please sisters secret game walkthrough overtly pornographic stuff, thanks! Huh, interesting to see an adult-oriented AGS game. I toyed around with an idea for one such game before and still consider going back to it periodically, though my project stalls in the fact that I'd need to hire an actual artist for it, driving up development costs and complicating things.

The art style is not quite up my alley, but I'll drop six bucks on it just to support the concept alone. As for the other conversation: while I agree that the AGS forums aren't a place to showcase adult material outright as I see it, the game in it's current iteration is finethere is no doubt that demand for this stuff exists. Hell, even Steam has begun publishing porn games as "all ages" versions, most of which can be easily switched back to their full versions with minor changes to an.

And as others mentioned, the issue seems to be that the Japanese offering dominates the market, so western -developed content gets easily overshadowed and ignored despite the clear demand case and point, a guy making flash-based pornographic text-adventures is making 23, US dollars a month on Patreon!

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Congratulations on your first release and I hope you do well! This reminded me of Kinky Island. Wonder how that thing is doing Wrongthinker and anticitizen one. Pending removal to memory hole. Yup, people can make what they want with AGS, derranged, deviant, whatever But we don't want porn imagery on this website, is the only major point here. The content of a game is not really in question and won't ever be interfered with unless it's a blatant virus, or if say it sisters secret game walkthrough be more to the communities benefit to include a warning or sth on the site about its content so its really just about warnings.

Oh, and not to take it off topic but as you mentioned it - this game and Kinky Island are in very, very different leagues I don't think Steam are doors wide open to that stuff yet, especially not from indies. From what I recall - it's only in the last year that they've started to allow indie games with mild sexual content where sexual content is the main theme. In my case, this is a consideration I've had to keep in mind although the decision not to make a porn game occurred quite a while back now - because they would probably still turn away a hardcore game.

Some games are clearly sex and then game, but at the moment it's still best to have game first with some sex in it if you want to pass thru the gates of Steam. I don't think Valve intend to have that reputation right now, meaning, I don't think you'll see an sisters secret game walkthrough section on their site any time soon though, there are specific tags like nudity, mature, etc which could be an indicator that it will be or is being accepted more over time.

I gave the demo a try and the game is very slickly made! I would not for the life of me think that this game had been created in AGS, which shows a lot of dedication on the part of the creator for all the tons of customizing work. The graphics are quite professional, while lacking very much animation, but hey: Hunie Pop has no animation and it was a HUGE hit.

The music is nice, boppy, and somehow "porny". The characters are interesting, not just the cardboard cutout stereotypes seen in most porn, and actually have quite detailed backstories. The plot is also quite deep.

In fact I forgot I was supposed to be playing a porn game and totally got invested in solving the mystery. So I think the game fits the criteria Mods mentioned above of "game first with some sex in it". I did only try the demo of course so didn't get to see any of the sex, but the road to the sex and the end of the demo was quite long and involved a lot of gameplay and puzzles.

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The puzzles were quite good on the most part, although did involve the predictable "a person is blocking your way: figure out how to get rid of them to progress" type quite a bit which might get a bit tired for hardcore adventure game players. Then again, this is probably not at all a bad thing as it gives casual players obvious goals to solve in fairly easy ways there are one or two tricky bits too, which is nice.

The game also has a great sense of humour! I found myself laughing quite often at some of the ways to get rid of the blocking characters, and the humour ranged from gradeschool snickeries to heavy slapstick to dry farce, which is impressive. It also seems that the player can make choices along the way to mess around in different ways with the way NPCs feel about and react to each other, which is depth of gameplay I did not expect to find. I can see this game really taking off and becoming a runaway success IF the creator is able to find the right distribution channel, which would be an amazing thing for AGS!

So, best of luck and job well done!!! One slight nag: Spoiler : Show Hide. I found the room exit mechanism a bit inconsistant and sometimes annoying: Sometimes it's an arrow to click, sometimes it's a door Why not just put a map icon at the bottom left corner the player can click on at any time to exit a location and return to the map?

Quote from: Mods sisters secret game walkthrough 26 Jul Quote from: Mandle on 02 Aug I checkd out the demo and it's actually a very clean game. I like clean games.

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I'm talking about the finish. If we compare to the market, I can't tell it's worth 6 dollars, but hey, I'm not an expert. Watch out though: you seem to have issues with the outline of some sprites : sometimes there is a thin white rectangle around stuff objects, ovrlays, etc.

It's barely noticeable though. It is bound to pop soon, if it has not already. So if you are going to release a VN there, now is the time. We're also on the twitter. When Dave Gilbert played a porn novel. The game. Quote from: Dave Gilbert on 24 Aug Quote from: CherrySock on 25 Aug When Dave Gilbert promoted the rise of porn games.

The movie.

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I know you're here for the Steam conversation, but it's aallmost like you're here for the porn Quote from: Dave Gilbert on 25 Aug ,

Sisters secret game walkthrough

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