Sex games at party

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Skip ! Story from Sex. A major benefit to being an adult despite the downside of having to file taxes is that you can serve wine at a party without worrying about your parents busting you. But there's one part of our high school parties that we really miss: playing kissing games like spin the bottle.

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Of course, there's no reason you can't still play them; it just doesn't seem to happen as often. But the thing is, kissing games can be even more fun when wine and hors d'oeuvres are involved. It's nostalgic, and it brings back the suspense that might have been lost when you got your own place and could do these things whenever you wanted. And hey, we think it's never a bad idea to sharpen your kissing skills.

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Here are nine kissing games to break out at your next party to bring you and your friends back to the best part of high school but with wine. Check in with your friends to see if they're up for playing, and consider some modifications like kissing on the cheek if not everyone is comfortable smooching each other. Although if they are, this party is about to be a lot of fun.

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Sex games at party

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