Research into affection game

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You came across a website called Patreon and realized there was a big niche for erotic games. You decide to try your hand at making one of these erotic games but to make the game more realistic you plan to corrupt the people closes to you in order to put your own experiences into the game. Laura Level 2 Events : Images — Store :,,— Apartment :, Total Update : [ Images — 09 Animations — Features : — Shop now displays a Notification Icon for new items.

Shop — 2 new items added. Total New Content : Store Items : — [M] 5 cosplay items. Lingerie Events :. Diary s : — [M] 6 new diary s — 6 new dairy s. Regarding FileSize : All updates from this point out 0.

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Timestamps — Chapter 1: Unconditional Love [v1. Acting Lessons [v1. My Pleasure [v0. Off The Record [Ep. Home On-going Sweet Affection. Dev Notes. Regarding Saves : Any saves before 0. A New Game is highly advised just to be on the safe side to avoid all possible bugs. Download For Win. Download For Mac. Download For Android. Download For MAC. Download For High Quality. Download For Low Quality. Champion of Realms [v0. Desert Stalker [v0. Tales Of Androgyny [ v0. Become A Rock Star [v0.

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Research into affection game

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Research Into Affection