Persona h game

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Atlus has launched a new website celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Persona series, and it brings some tasty teases with it. Over time, though, Persona has ended up lumped together under that naming scheme, at least in the West.

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A few months later, the game saw release in the states as Revelations: Personawhich is when I first became a fan. Now, for its 25th anniversary, Atlus seems to have a lot of celebration planned across the next year.

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We need to keep in mind that other options such as concerts, anime series, and so on have long been a part of the modern Persona brand, so I have to expect one or more such entires to be part of that list. However, some of those slots have to be for games, so what might they be?

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A new Persona dancing game perhaps? Obviously, a very safe bet for one of them is Persona 6but I saved that for last because we get a very notable nod to that coming on another section of the site.

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On that samewe get a set of 11 poster-style cards with acrylic stands. Which, if Persona 6 is one, what is the other? Is Atlus gonna go crazy and already announce Persona 7?

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Or, could it relate to one of the potential games I offered as ideas above? Could that hint as some sort of newer-era reworking of Persona 3 plus FES? Source : Persona 25th Anniversary Official Website. Mollie got her start in games media via the crazy world of gaming fanzines, and now works at EGM with the goal of covering all of the weird Japanese and niche releases that nobody else on staff cares about.

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Persona 25th anniversary site offers tantalizing teases of numerous new projects. Mollie L Patterson. You may also like.

Persona h game

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