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Currently there are 2 types of homes, the shack that you start with having a maximum of 2 master bedrooms and 3 rooms and a mention having 4 master bedrooms and 6 rooms a different house can be bought at the Real Estate shop and improvements such as more rooms or different room types can be bought at the Carpenter both can be found on Main Street.

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The rooms on the left are rooms that you purchase from the carpenter there are 8 different types of rooms each with its own purpose and actions that you can choose for your girls. All rooms allow girls to rest in them and most allow you to make them clean rooms the room in which the "clean" action is set wont necessarily be the room that gets cleaned you girls will clean the dirtiest rooms firstbecause of that these two actions will not be listed in any of the rooms.

The empty room is the generic room of your house each time you add an additional room to your house you will get an empty room. Otherworld Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Explore Wikis Community Central.

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