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We have to stay inside and wait out these unprecedented circumstances, missing out on all that glorious sunshine with our mates. It really is a touching tribute.

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Sort of. I love you and I miss you, I owe you everything.

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While 99 per cent of Panic! Are you sick of feeling so left out? Are you desperate to find something more before your life is over? Are you stuck inside a world you hate? And obviously plenty of people do, around the world, daily. One in four families in the UK are headed by a single parent, which is why Stay Together For The Kids will tug on the heart strings of many. Upon its release init made for a rare serious moment, and a truly heartfelt track from the trio.

When Good Charlotte started picking up fans with their self-titled debut, those fans really connected with the band. Having suffered with his own mental health, Joel Madden, wrote Hold On for them. While the song is affecting, the video is straight-up devastating, since it features people talking about their loved ones who died by suicide. His feelings for her are summed up best in what is, perhaps, the sappiest but loveliest pop-punk lyric ever written… are you ready for it?

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Go on then…. Another piano ballad break-up story, which practically guarantees tears. Unfortunately, here, the lover seems to have left because her boyfriend slept with someone else. We challenge you not to feel moved by it. Holding Absence in The K! Entry Next Entry.

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Meet and fuck happy town

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