Japanese idol games

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With the release of the idol issue, we wanted to take some time and talk about some of our favorite idol games! There is a trend that a lot of idol anime started as or also have extremely popular mobile rhythm games. Love Live!

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School Idol Festival is probably the biggest idol game out on the market right now. The game also includes original stories done in a visual novel style featuring the girls. Is available on iOS and Android worldwide! Bang Dream! Is developed by CraftEgg and published by Bushiroad. Also includes an entire world where the player can move around and see interactions between the characters as well as a main story and story modes for each of the characters. Hatsune Miku Dreamy Vocal has been a long awaited game by many Vocaloid fans.

It was released on September 29th, Dreamy Vocal has four buttons that the player must tap, hold, and slide to the tune of well known Vocaloid songs. The game is available on both iOS and Android.

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Show By Rock is a rhythm game that features characters deed by Hello Kitty company Sanrio, giving the characters a really adorable and unique look compared to some of these other games! Show By Rock is played vertically as opposed to horizontally, also differentiating it from many other idol games.

Show By Rock only has three buttons for the player to tap, hold, or swipe when playing. The game features fourteen different bands all with their own original music. The game was first launched on July 30th, on iOS and Android. It currently is region locked and not available on western app stores. Show By Rock also inspired an original anime that can be watched on Crunchyroll! The Idolm ster series ranges to many different formats. Idolm ster Cinderella Girls was first released on November 28, Idolm ster uses six buttons for the player to tap, hold, and swipe to the tune of original music produced for the series.

The game is currently available on iOS and Android for Japanese users. Back Issues Merch. Back Brand Collaboration Advertise. Back What is Cosplay Realm? Top 5 Idol Mobile Games Written by: Aesthel With the release of the idol issue, we wanted to take some time and talk about some of our favorite japanese idol games games!

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School Idol Festival. Hatsune Miku: Dreamy Vocal. Show By Rock. Idolm ster. Emily Rey November 13, Comment. Emily Rey November 29, Emily Rey November 3,

Japanese idol games

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