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in. Hidden fields. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Lesbian Virtual Girlfriend Simulator is a game for girls who want to find a virtual girlfriend.

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Unlike text applications, the virtual girlfriends of this game do not sit in their smartphones, but lead an active life in the gaming world. Accordingly, you can meet them anywhere: cafe, bar, park, street, art gallery, and so on.

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This is very similar to how people meet in real life. As the name suggests, Lesbian Virtual Girlfriend Simulator is a simulation game for girls. But can you take it seriously?

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In other words, if a single girl trains on this simulator every day, will it help her in real dating? Basically, Lesbian Virtual Girlfriend Simulator describes the most common situations typical for communicating with girls in real life. Naturally, you should not treat this game as a guide or tutorial. On the other hand, Lesbian Virtual Girlfriend Simulator is created by real people, not artificial intelligence.

Unlike AI girls, virtual girlfriends in this game behave like real girls. So if you have very low communication skills, then this game will help you improve them. What is the advantage of Lesbian Virtual Girlfriend Simulator? Here, each virtual girlfriend communicates with you as if it happens in real life. Each of your phrases entails a corresponding reaction. In Lesbian Virtual Girlfriend Simulator, you will not find simple and short phrases.

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These virtual girlfriends talk about themselves, joke, flirt and even can be rude if they are in a bad mood. Forget about texting applications where you write something, but the virtual girlfriend does not deviate from the storyline, but simply tells you her love story. In Lesbian Virtual Girlfriend Simulator, you influence how the game's storyline unfolds. Reviews Review policy and info. Added a new lesbian girlfriend. View details.

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Hot lesbian game

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