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A: Once you've completed haremon game "Crimson Katana" quest, the demo is over Many more chapters are still to come! A: I'm not sure. I'll continue to optimize the game as development goes on, but until then there's unfortunately nothing that can be done about it. See below for more information about GMS and textures.

A: The engine Game Maker Studio is very limiting. GMS is an engine most commonly used for pixel art games Undertale, Hotline Miami, old-school Spelunky, etc ; as such, it's really not intended to handle lots of large textures. The massive character sprites and backdrops in a game like Haremon take up a lot more memory than GMS typically handles, and therefore makes it run slowly on low-performance PCs.

There is a lot haremon game I can do through optimizing my code and assets, but this will be a slow process, and the game will likely remain laggy on lower-end PCs until we reach Beta. Then, you'll want to open the Settings menu in-game and change the "controller icons" setting to PlayStation. A: If you haven't picked up the "Trial and Error" quest, you can trigger it by exploring the Caverns. During that quest, you'll obtain Test Serum from the Professor, which must be used to tame the bunnygirl.

The bunnygirl will run away if you defeat her ally monsters, so use all three test serums before defeating the monsters. A: Almost certainly not. And definitely not during Alpha or Beta. Please stop asking. Note: The game works in Linux under wine, but it is not officially supported and errors may occur.

Open the Haremon folder. Find the saves you want to import in the saves folder from the build, and copy them to the saves folder for the current build. Note that this functionality is not present in builds such as 0.

A: You can fuck any of your girls regardless of Lover status, so yeah, it's still a harem.

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Lover status implies a romantic connection which, for now, is exclusive. However, if you read the in-game tutorial for Confessions, you'll see that Laurel hints that there will eventually be a way to get around the one-lover restriction. A: It's probably a puzzle, and you probably skipped some important dialogue telling you how to solve it. If you can't figure it out, call the Professor for a hint.

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Type setdate x y and press enter to set the current month to x and day to y. For example, setdate 12 25 will make the game think it's Christmas. This works on all patron builds, not just the E-cup Debug builds. That button should open the console. If you can't find it, ask people in patrons-only. Many other patrons have had this issue and may be able to help you figure it out. A: This depends largely on how long I and the rest of the team are able to work on this project.

I'd place a rough estimate at 20 Haremon in the final game including Awakened forms. I plan on including 5 or 6 "chapters" in the final release, which would put the game at around the 30 hour mark. A: No. The game already has thousands of lines of text, and the final product will likely have well overunique strings. Translating this game would be an immense undertaking, and would almost certainly not haremon game worth the huge investment of time and money it would require.

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That would require rewriting of a ton of dialogue, as well as completely redoing every CG to make it yuri. Additionally, certain aspects of the lore prevent the protag from being female some of which are not revealed yet. Haremon Wiki Explore.

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Q: How do I import my saves from the build? Q: Why can you only have one Lover? Isn't this a harem game? Q: I'm stuck on [insert scene here] A: It's probably a puzzle, and you probably skipped some important dialogue telling you how to solve it. Q: How do I access seasonal content? Q: How many Haremon will be in the final game?

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