Haramase simulator girls

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Cant unlock girls in harem menu haramase simulator Discuss how to use the Ren'Py engine to create visual novels and story-based games. New releases are announced in this section. Forum rules This is the right place for Ren'Py help. Please ask one question per thread, use a descriptive subject like 'NotFound error in option.

Use the code tag to format scripts.

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Post Reply. Contact Level Send private message. Cant unlock girls in harem menu haramase simulator Quote 1 Post by Level ยป Sat Aug 19, pm In my harem menu i cant select other girls except rumines I play on android haramase simulator. Contact TheChatotMaestro.

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This forum is for questions about coding with the visual novel engine, not for walkthroughs on games that have been made. Please contact the person who made the specific game with your question. Contact Donmai. But wait, don't look so sad. I know you're running the Android version, but if you have a spare computer to use, you can go to the game creator's to find and download the source code it looks like the author released that code by popular demand You will only need to change the value of two variables there to have enough skill and money to explore the city map and unlock more Haramase simulator girls know it sounds terrible to call women "items", but harem games are like that.

BTW another way to cheat in that game is to discover a secret code. Oh, and thanks for letting me know that game exists. I like to find complex Ren'Py games with open source code, as they are very useful for learning purposes. No, sorry!

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Haramase simulator girls

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