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Do you, like, have a bunch of random free time lately for reasons totally unrelated to a global pandemic or something like that? Cool, cool, me too. And one thing I've been using with all my free time is diving headfirst into video games ok, let's be real, I was doing that before, too. If you've been waiting for an excuse to try some new titles and let yourself get lost, now is the time, friends. Now is the time to check out some of the longest video games ever made.

These ain't the types of games meant for speed-running.

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These are the types of video games to lose hours, days, whole friggin' weekends to. The types of games that promise open worlds, depth, customizability, and all kinds of nooks and crannies to get lost in. And don't worry, Animal Crossing stans -- "nooks" is absolutely a pun that will pay off later.

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Here are, in all their glories, the best long video games to spend all kinds of time in. If you want to rush things, which is definitely not the way of a Wild West cowboy or gravelly voiced protagonist Arthur Morgan, you can probably shoot and ride your way through the main story of Red Dead Redemption 2 in about hours. You might just come across a Wild West version of Tesla and a semi-sentient robot, discover an all-white horse, or find yourself face to face with a man-eating gator. That level of peace is pretty much priceless these days. How long can you play an open-ended game like Stardew Valley?

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Well, how much time and dedication do you have? You can do all of good ass games and get to endgame status in about 52 hours. But this farming, crafting, fighting, and romancing sim is so pure and wonderful that you may find yourself sticking around long after the main campaign is done, just because you can.

A big bonus in this game is the ability to co-op farm so that you can spend time collaborating with fellow players rather than trying to take it all good ass games your own shoulders. That le to some truly incredible layouts, efficiencies of production, and vast quantities of resources produced … but for many people, the high replay value lies good ass games the relationships between your character and the citizens of the nearby town. Like, super long. Dragon Age: Inquisition will take the casual player well over hours to complete while those looking to extract every spare bit of content here can easily notch to hours.

It might even take you almost that long to finally figure out exactly how to gather materials and upgrade your armor and weapons sets thanks to an extensive and almost too-intricate crafting system. Dragon Age II walked that back a bit by dumbing down the strategy and tactics not to mention its scaled-back visuals and scope. But then came Dragon Age: Inquisitiona curious overcorrection in the other direction that might scare off some of the more casual RPG players out there. In other words, games like Dragon Age: Inquisition were built for the slow burn.

There are in-game barriers that are there specifically to keep you from roaming all over the world willy nilly, mostly as character progression checks but also to make sure you fully explore the region you happen to be in at the moment. It is ridiculously easy to wander out of a beginning area without even knowing it and without fully exhausting all the opportunities there.

Hailing from Bethesda Game Studios, the Elder Scrolls franchise melds medieval worlds and imagery with fantasy elements. Since the release of the first game, The Elder Scrolls: Arena inthere have been six sequel games as well as an online version of the game, a virtual pinball adaptation, and the announcement of at least one forthcoming sequel set for release in the near future. Skyrim is an action role-playing game utilizing first- or third-person perspective. As is the case with the best fantasy games, Skyrim arrives at a point in the Elder Scrolls franchise where the world and its components feel very well fleshed-out, with tiny details like conversations with NPCs or items available to collect or interact with enriching the gameplay experience.

Speaking as an avid fan of SkyrimI can guarantee the hours will fly by as you play this game, be it the For some players, there is like a familiarity and nostalgia built in to playing the Nintendo release thanks to the long-running Zelda franchise. This is especially true if you were a fan of the Zelda game Legend of Zeldaa.

Offering an open-world concept to players with one main story and numerous side adventures to get caught up in, Breath of the Wild is a supremely immersive game bearing zero resemblance to our own world, making it maybe the most soothing adventure game to play right now. It helps that this game is gorgeous to look at, with lots of soft colors filling out a game populated by tons of unique characters.

Whether you choose to play the main story, which will take you about 50 hours to get through, or you opt to play both the main story and try to complete every unique side adventure and sub-task, which will run you around hours total, Breath of the Wild is pure joy in video game form.

This action role-playing-game is set in an open world post-apocalyptic environment timely! The main story of Fallout 4 takes place in the yearand you play a character who has just emerged from a long, deep cryo-slumber. You set out exploring the world to learn more about WTF has happened in the interim, and can spend your time helping defend factions, battling giant legitimately scary monsters, and crafting tools and weapons.

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This one is a ton of fun. If blowing things up is a little more your speed, may I humbly suggest Far Cry 5? Horizon Zero Dawn is easily the greatest video game with the worst title imaginable. An open world action game set in the centuries after an apocalypse in which a man-made defense network went rogue and populated the earth with vicious machines, Horizon casts you as Aloy, a shunned member of the Nora trying to earn her way back into the tribe. Obviously, the quest becomes much bigger than that, and Aloy strikes out to discover what exactly triggered the fall of humanity and whether or not the machines can be stopped for good.

Plus, the lore that you uncover as you play through is one of the best, most original stories in modern video games. Stabbing your way through antiquity has never felt as good good ass games Assassin's Creed Odyssey. The series has been gradually moving away from the 3rd person stealth action game it began as to the point where Odyssey is a full-blown open world action RPG, where you can occasionally assassinate people, if you feel like it.

And I do mean the entirety of ancient Greece - the world in Assassin's Creed Odyssey is mind-bogglingly huge. You could spend 70 hours just sailing between the different islands and completing random side quests without ever touching the main story.

The way Sims talk good ass games never not make me laugh. And in times when human connection is in short supply, it feels good to see these doofy little humanoids chatter relentlessly at each other, all under your watchful eye. The Sims gives you the chance to play God -- but, like, in a fun way!

You create a person, give them an abode, and let them interact with all kinds of other Sims. What kind of job will they have? Who will they fall in love with? Who will they get pixelated-nude in a hot tub with? How will their life go? Will you, uh, let them go to the bathroom? All of this, and more, is totally up to you. The Sims was originally released inand the further entries in the franchise continue to be replayable, immersive, accessible-yet-deep, absolutely astonishing video games.

A piece of domestic joy with endless permutability. Or, as a Sim might say: Blursh! However, during such curious times i. But there is a long, peaceful game that can give you similar vibes: Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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Suffice it to say -- not much happens in Animal Crossing. You take a loan from Tom Nook, you create an abode, you try and pay Nook back by going fishing and, apparently, recreating movie scenes. The latest installment is currently taking the Switch by storm, in part, because you can invite good ass games friends over on your own islands. You can create virtual couch co-op experiences. And you can, despite the distance, feel closer. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a vast, heavy, complicated, satisfying action RPG with moral ambiguity, room for exploration, and a truly rich soundtrack.

Do you miss high school? Probably not, right? It was mostly full of heightened social anxiety with young folks struggling with heightened hormones while everyone tries to cram for tests, right? The latest entry of the acclaimed, unique RPG franchise finds main character Joker transferring to a new high school, realizing he and a group of other students are superpowered good ass games known as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, and battling enemies called Shadows using physicalized manifestations of their inner psyches called Personas.

The gameplay blends heavy RPG elements, dungeon-crawling-styled explorations, and in my favorite facets, social interaction components where you try and navigate your high school life with some semblance of normalcy. All of these huge ideas, gameplay shifts, and tonal trickery somehow blend together seamlessly, creating quite the unique gaming cocktail, one you will have an absolute blast playing and luxuriating in.

I want it all, baby! And wowie zowie, was it a blast to the face -- the equivalent of being a contemporary horror film fan watching Night of the Living Dead for the first time and realizing where it all began. The game sings with choices at every level -- choices of weapons, choices of types of soldiers with different types of battle styles, choices of where they move, fight, hide. But one choice, thrillingly, is out of your hands.

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Every good ass games and enemy spawn is procedurally generated, meaning you will literally never have an identical battle. Now if someone could mod the game with Rabbid skins, that would be great, thanks so much! BioWare, the game studio behind the brilliant Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republicmoved into their own original creation with the outstanding sci-fi trilogy Mass Effect.

While the first Mass Effect can be a bit frustrating in its gameplay, you'll be deeply invested in Commander Shepherd and the choices you make across these three games. Personally, I think Mass Effect 2 is the pinnacle of the series, but all three games are worth your time, and if you take the time to go through various side quests and missions, you'll spend a lot of your time with this unforgettable space opera.

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Good ass games

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