Game of thrones walkthrough

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Game of Thrones: Conquest is a deep and complex strategy game that sometimes serves hard choices or even painful lessons along the way. This can be especially daunting as a new player looking to make a name for themselves in Westeros. We recently set out to create new resources to help both new and established players learn more about how to optimize their Game of Thrones: Conquest, hopefully with fewer hard learned lessons along the way. We still have a way to go to and many more guides to create, but we wanted to share with you our progress so far to get feedback and ideas from you to help us as we continue to create more guides.

Please share these guides with newer players in your Allegiances, and let us know in Discord what guides you would like to see us create in the near future. We recommend every new player read these simple tips—they game of thrones walkthrough save you from a crucial mistake down the line! Dragon — This guide will give you a crash course on the basics of raising a Dragon in Game of Thrones: Conquest. This guide is aimed at helping you to maximize your rewards, and lay a solid groundwork to become one of the greatest of the great Houses.

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The Importance of Allegiances — No noble family can secure its future alone. This guide will help you learn to do this through a comprehension of your stats. Introduction to Forging Gear — This guide will explain crafting basics that will aid you in crafting your first set of armor.

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Progression Pillars — This guide breaks down the three main points of player progression and introduces some tips for how you can progress faster. Events Window — Learning which Events to participate in, and how to participate in them, is key to becoming a more advanced player. This guide breaks down the best ways to prepare for and benefit from Events. Planning where and how you wish to strike, and where to make your base of operations, can be just as important as the strike itself.

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Learn how to navigate the world map in this guide. This guide breaks down how to prepare for an attack, and what to do when it comes. There is no middle ground.

Game of thrones walkthrough

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Introducing Game of Thrones: Conquest Guides