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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. FAP-Nation doesn't work anymore. Thread starter ThePheonix Start date Apr 10, ThePheonix New Member. Apr 8, 8 0.

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Hello, normally i'm looking on fap-nation. First i thought my computer is infected and started a full scan, but i also tried to open the site on a different computer and even with my mobile phone with simialr warning and massages. Other sites work fine. Does anybody know what happend?

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Oct 1, 13, 10, ThePheonix said:. Reactions: Namco So you can search for games? How did you stop the site from redirecting? I' will look for updates here, but i'm not sure if all available links are listed. Papa Ernie Squirrel!? Dec 4, 12, 39, Reactions: Namco15 and TheBlueKnight. Xpl0it Member. Feb 2, I am using uBlock and uMatrix. To be honest there are a lot of scripts blocked and thats already weird. Doesnt look very inviting to me. If you are not using any adblocker once so ever, you should definitly try that out first.

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Its a simple addon, just like uBlock but it requires a little more work and time to get used to it, so be warned. Instead of blocking everything you can use it the other way around and allow everything first and start blocking things until its working fine again. I started using it a while ago and although it was a little bit annoying at first to get everything to work with the strict blocking policy im used to it now and love it! Oh i forgot the most important part of your question: If a website isnt working it has absolutely nothing to do with your computer settings.

Its a browser related issue only. A redirect can also just be a broken configuration of the fap nation server. It doesnt have to be anything malicious. And as you tested it with other devices you should have already known that its not a problem on your side. Nov 9, 1, 10, Latest updates? Fantabaldu The Pirate King Donor.

Feb 19, 1, 8, Fapnation games was thinking was a joke the Fap-Nation site It really exist!!! With this news sorry for my ignorance about this today it will be a perfect day. Jul 19, TheBlueKnight said:. I didn't really stop it I just clicked back a lot although that's not working anymoreor if I was quick enough the the esc key to stop the redirect loading.

Looking through a few s of their latest updates I couldn't see anything that's not here. Well, now this site works again. But as a few have recomendend to search here for updates: The search-Function fapnation games is not very good. Entering a part of the game name delivers a lot of thre and i have to look for the right one. There i normally don't get on the first but i have to go ther by myself.

On other sites i get more accurate with the search funtion! Not all games are listet here. For example: I didn't find anything for "Love is black". But thanks anyway. The search-Function here is not very good Kommios Newbie. Aug 31, 91 Looking fapnation games LisB on the other sites I can't see any reason for it not to be here, but the rules are sometimes a bit stricter here. Reactions: TheBlueKnight. M4t7theNinja Active Member. Sep 20, Bit late to this one but I've found using the f95 discord server is really good but sometimes its slow to catch updates, another site for updates can be Adugames.

Not sure why LisB isn't here either tbh. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Fapnation games

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