Desire game walkthrough

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It portrays a lot of his self thoughts and his journey towards finding colours. There are altogether 4 parts of his life that you will be adventuring:,and It's not so intense like the usual escape room apps, but it is good enough for me to write a review on it. Took me 2 days excluding working hours to complete this game. It will all be pure text and no videos because we're all trying to save our mobile data here.

Click on each part to see a more detailed guide showing exact steps and pictures. The "full" s are shortcuts and text-only guides to the entire year. For the complete text-only guide, please continue scrolling down. Click desire game walkthrough the inventory top right corner of. He will be reading some instructions on how to make someone fall in love with him. Click on the door and get the saw, hammer and nails from the toolbox. Use saw with board to get 6 sticks Use 6 sticks with nails to get box Use egg with pen to get egg with Use egg with with box to get box with egg 8. Walk all the way right and you will see a sandcastle.

Drag the box with desire game walkthrough to the hole. You will see a corridor. Click on the next door to go home. Take the keys near the door Talk to both Aunt Lucia and Aunt Nina. Click on the walkman near the door. Click on drawerthen click on new batteries.

Drag new batteries to walkman to get charged walkman. Will be useful in the school. Click on door to enter Bruno's room. Click on scopa on Bruno's bed. Will be useful for the aunts in the next part. Talk to Bruno until "What are you reading nowadays? You will know that Bruno is looking for a book to read. Click on the door beside the clown poster to go back to the living room. Go to photo room at the left of the living room.

Talk to dad and click " Do you need something?

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He will give you a 50 francs note to buy cigarettes for him. Click "Aunt Nina needs you" and he will go to the living room for a while. Also get the camera near the enlarger. Go to the neighbourhood and to the newspaper stand to help dad with his errand first.

Talk to the sailor sitting down Talk to the newsagent. Ask him "Could I have a packet of Malboro please?

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Now ask him " Can I have the latest Tilt, please? Give the coins to the sailor. He will give you his manuscript and then he goes to sleep. Click on the newspapers to read about Doctor Feinstein suspected of molesting. Go to school now. David the bully will ask you for a Walkman, so you'll lose the charged walkman. Talk to Nicolas and ask him about giving you tips on girls. Talk to David as well. Go up to the library near the stairs. Talk to Sebastian about the restructuring plan. Go to the underground 3.

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Talk to Elma. The train will come and you will then reach the soup kitchen. Talk to the homeless person 7. Go back to the back room and take the glove and back to the dining room again. He will point the knife at you. Now use the gloveand then use the knife on homeless person to shoo him away. Talk to Kevin. Talk to Sebastian about the restaurant. He will let you know he has a friend who owns a restaurant Talk to Pablo.

Talk about the restructuring plan Earn her trust. Talk to Pablo again Would you have a USB key to lend me? Q: Who said: Football is like chess, only without the dice 2 Lukas Podalski.

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Q: World Cup Semis. Italy VS Argentina. The referee forgot to blow the whistle at the end of the first half. Why did he forget? He's left the whistle in the changing desire game walkthrough. Q: Who said: A football match is played with three referees, so refereeing errors are three times more likely 1 Guy Roux. Q: Who said: To get to the penalty area and not be able to take a shot is like dancing with your own sister. Q: Who said: When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Q: Who said: It's not an open secret, everyone knows about it now.

Q: Why are there eleven players in a football team? Q: What happened on the 4th of May in in the late afternoon in Turin, Italy? Q: What is the highest score in football history? You will get Hard Drives.

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Use Kevin's keys with Kevin's house twice. Get the Whiskey on the table. Open the drawer and keep clicking!! Eventually you will get the personal handbook. Get the funnel near the stove. Use hard drives with computer.

Now use personal handbook with computer. Use whiskey with rucksackthen go to Julien Foutriquet's room to rat on Kevin. Go to Raspail AKA the music shop. Talk to seller Tell her "I heard the doorbell ring". Get the detergent behind where Mistress Ruby was Click the switch at the most right of the room.

Use funnel on slave. Use detergent on funnel note: not on slave.

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Use switch to lift him up Go back to office and talk to Sebastian about it. Go to Republique to talk to Elma. You will be teleported into the restaurant. Go to the right and talk to the waiter. Take the broken microphone. Go to Raspail AKA music shop. Use broken microphone on microphone stand. Go into the restaurant and put the new microphone back to the microphone stand. Go out of the restaurant.

Go to the left and talk to the dandy. Go back to the restaurant and talk to the waiter. You will now play tic-tac-toe with the pubic louse. Should be quite easy. The louse will always put it on 2, 4, 6 or 8. Assuming he puts it on 8, you should put desire game walkthrough 7, 2, 1, 4. And you win! Just rotate the tic-tac-toe accordingly to what he puts first.

Pick the candle up and use it on clitoris thrice. Take the empty glass.

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Use empty glass with puddle. Then use candle with clitoris again. Pick the glass up. Use the full glass on scissors. Now, pick the scissors up and use it on the pubic louse Talk to the weird looking guy Theodore. He will tell you to go back to the bar, and you will magically see an empty glass on the table. Pick it up.

Give Camille the empty glass. You will be flashbacked into desire game walkthrough room with a lady and a dog. Use the piece of metal with stone to get sharpened piece of metal. Keep waking and you will hear a cat meowing and it will sit in front of the bookshelf. Use chicken with kitty and take the collar key. Use the collar key with the safe which is below the cheque book.

Take the letter and read it. You will then somehow teleport to speak with Andy. Use rope with hook.

Desire game walkthrough

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Desire: Walkthrough and Achievements Guide