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Recommendations for RPG games with animated battle fuck systems? Thread starter kiko Start date Nov 28, battlefuck games Feb 18, Messages 1, Reputation score I don't usually enjoy the typical RPG hentai games, but I do like RPGs that have animated battle fuck, games like Butakomag's vitamin series, some of the oneone1 BF RPGs and such, also the unfinished dungeon crawler EroDun, or the recently released lilia's livelihood. Do you guys know of any quality games like these? Any recommendation would be much appreciated.

ed Oct 6, Messages 37 Reputation score You must be registered to see the links. ed Sep 20, Messages Reputation score Do you want games that have like sex attacks or rape-in-battle? If you like monster girls there is Milky Quest. Hunter Mai is kinda animated but it's not exacly the style of Vitamin Quest Also you'll have to do some work to get them, it's not there by default.

And you also get assaulted during battle battlefuck games your HP is low. And there is Fallen Princess Lucia which is pretty similar to these two, you get assaulted on battle and it's animated on the standing pic. Dasmir Tentacle God. ed May 2, Messages 1, Reputation score Mikufan39 Demon Girl.

ed Dec 28, Messages 84 Reputation score You played You must be registered to see the links. KaitoHatsune said:.

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Not really sure if it has animated bf anyways. ed Dec 15, Messages Reputation score Papanomics Lurker.

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ed Dec 2, Messages 1, Reputation score You don't mean Cherry Poi stuff? I don't think that's battle fuck. ed Oct 13, Messages Reputation score I Prefer things with two legs and two arms. Oh and The Names are Google Translated.

By that i mean NO Futa. Almost Zero Yuri. Enjoy Da List! Ericridge Tentacle God. ed Feb 5, Messages 2, Reputation score Long time ago i remember there was that rpg with three girls where battlefuck games wash upon an deserted island.

The blond had small twintails and dualwielded knives I think? Was like or earlier. I can't remember. Other good one is incubus fantasy. ed Nov 11, Messages 11 Reputation score 3.

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Dungeon Town from Circle Meimitei. Although more like a roguelike crawler Battlefuck games, every boss battle all have sex battle. MrMe Lurker. ed Nov 26, Messages 1, Reputation score Remember to differentiate between Combat Rape and Battle Fuck. Combat Rape is the MC getting grappled and raped Fallen Empire has one of the best systems I've seen Battle Fuck is like regular fighting except instead of fighting moves you fondle each other.

SuperStripFight13 Jungle Girl. ed Sep 25, Messages 60 Reputation score Animated to the fullest! SuperStripFight13 said:. AliGirl Jungle Girl. ed Mar 9, Messages 25 Reputation score 2. I like a Reverse Battle Fuck like " You must be registered to see the links. ed Jan 1, Messages Reputation score You must log in or register to reply here.

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Mikufan39 Jun 2, Replies 1 Views 6K. Nov 17, kaze TheBluePylon May 5, Replies 12 Views 4K. May 8, azurezero. Would appreciate recommendations for games with literal tentacle cum pits? Oir Aug 3, Replies 0 Views Aug 3, Oir. Log in. Forums What's new Log in Register Search.

Battlefuck games

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Recommendations for RPG games with animated battle fuck systems?