Babes game

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Grab a bottle of wine and some friends because this is about to be good! Your friends are in for a night of hilarious stories to tell the next day, embarrassing moments, and a lot of laughs with Booze N' Babes The Party Game. Each block contains a ridiculous task that each player must do. The object is to be the last player to successfully stack a block without knocking down all the timbers. Loser has to buy a round!

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Bring Booze N' Babes to your next party, your friend's house, pregame, the bar, Bachelorette Party, tailgate, or just keep it in your purse you never know when you'll need it! Your cart. Close Cart. Booze N' Babes the Game. Add to Cart.

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Your new favorite Party Game! How do I play Booze N' Babes? These blocks will you make you laugh out loud and do some incredibly hilarious tasks including: "Serenade someone", "Dance on a table", and one of our favorites Whoever makes the tower fall over has to chug the rest of their party beverage and has to clean up the mess, of course. Booze N' Babes is an extremely fun party game that helps people open up and act a fool!

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Play Booze N' Babes with a friend or with the entire party! Customer Reviews Based on 6 reviews Write a review. All rights reserved.

Babes game

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