Anthro transformation games

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Log in. Install the app. Links and additional information can be accessed in the Site Information Forum. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Do you know any furry transformation games? Thread starter Naiyro Start date Jun 8, Tags furry game transformation transfurmation.

Naiyro New Member. Hello there, I'm looking for games with transformation as a main theme. I recently found Changed. A very cute game that can be found on Steam. And I now hope to find others. Do you know any?? Thanks in advance! Stratelier Well-Known Member. Typically, games that are premised around transformation will try to de it into their mechanics somehow because otherwise it's really just cosmetic theming, right?

Anyway, a few I can think of off the top of my head: anthro transformation games Super Mario Odyssey: Maybe you've heard about this game somewhere.

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Anyway, it's not technically TF but Cappy can possess people and creatures taking Mario with him in the process which turns out to be a lot of fun. He acquires a variety of platforming-oriented abilities wall climb, etc. It's a competent but otherwise forgettable platformer of the PS2 era. The girl is a spellcaster while the boy has the ability to shapeshift into various monsters. You think so? I guess you're right More than cosmetic and more than mechanics Anthro transformation games like when the story or a part of it turn around it.

Look at The legend of Zelda Twilight Princess for example. The transformation of Link into a wolf is very important for the scenario Meeting Midona, Trying to become human again, Being forced to become a wolf again to move forward, His friends do not recognize him and fear him in his wolf form.

Anyway, thank you very much for your answer! It seems a little different from what I'm looking for but I anthro transformation games look in detail about what it is and see if I can enjoy them. I considered mentioning Twilight Princess, but ultimately edited it out before posting. You're right about how it is presented initially, though you use less of Link's wolf form as you progress through the game, in favor of the traditional Zelda formula. Baalf Will accept free hugs and tummy rubs.

Stratelier said:. The second game had the titular hero setting out on a long, arcade-style quest to slay the Mecha Dragon and restore peace to Monster World; the third game begins in that final chapter, starting you off right in the Mecha Dragon's dungeon, unaware that once you kill it, its dying spirit puts a curse on you, turning you into a lizard. This kicks off a new adventure where you have to slay other dragons wreaking havoc in the world, each time receiving a new curse and a new shape.

Nonetheless, each form has unique platforming abilities and that forms the basis for how you explore the region. Jin's uncle recently went crazy and transformed everyone in the kingdom into assorted anthropomorphic animals. Similar to the Dragon's Trap, Jin himself winds up cursed as well, and has to embark on a quest to collect some sacred relics, each one bestowing a new shape with unique abilities that are likewise central to the game's exploration. There really isn't much exploration of the TF theme from anthro transformation games narrative perspective just a few nods here and there, blink and you'll miss 'embut the level de is a stellar Metroidvania-style 2D platformer.

Firuthi Dragovic Gamer Dragon, former speedrunner. I'm surprised Altered Beast, in all three of its incarnations the arcade and Genesis game, the GBA game, and a fairly obscure PS2 spinoffhasn't come up here yet. The first two might have only had it on a one-form-per-level basis the PS2 game was a little more complex than thatbut transformation is kind of a core aspect of the series. The other game that comes to mind when I think transformation is a beat-em-up called Metamorphic Force - but that one is very limited in its use of transformation unless you're having to continue all the time.

Also arcade-only, unfortunately FrostyTheDragon said:. Spoiler To be more specific, you're swapped with an opposing character and thrown into the world's parallel counterpart. Spoiler again. Last edited: Jun 12, Trevorbluesquirrel Well-Known Member. NES Games! Judge Spear mk-II. It's kind of a cumbersome game in that most of the forms are pretty overly limited for how much emphasis is put on it for being the game's main gimmick. But some have some fun uses. Certainly a lot better than BennyJackdaw said:. I feel like Odyssey takes a serious quantity over quality approach.

Too much of the forms have one basic function, and end up being tedious to control. Mambi Fun loving kitty cat. It's pretty cute anime style fun! Bloody Roar and Elder Scrolls? BossRabbit Patron Lapin. That's how you know it was the 90s. Also, another minor example that comes to mind: Chrono Cross. Halfway through the game there's a plot twist.

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It's kinda spoilerific, but you lose your party allies for the time beingyour skillset gets inverted to the opposing element, and anyone who should be able to recognize you actually quite few in context doesn't. HistoricalyIncorrect Shekel collector. Bloody Roar.

Besides Changed, there's also The Pirate's Fate, another indie furry transformation game store. Diablo 2 and the upcoming Diablo 4 both have druids that transform into werewolves and werebears. Pretty much every mainline Elder Scrolls game has a werewolf transformation. There's Anthro transformation games Beast, an arcade game that came out on many platforms where you turn the main character from muscle man to ripped af muscle man to beast forms like wolves, bears, dragons, etc. Bloody Roar, a fighting game series where every character can transform into an animal of some kind once their meter builds up enough.

That's all I can think of. It's kind of silly that the regular beastmen just turn into wolves, but a half beast man goes full-on werewolf.

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Changed was awesome! In it you can mutate into wolf-men, cat-women, birds, lizards, everything in between and more. The mutation mechanic is very involved and ificantly alters how you interact with the world.

Anthro transformation games

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Do you know any (furry) transformation games ?