Adult sex games patreon

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Sex games are a big business on Patreon, with top projects attracting thousands of patrons each.

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Patreon has always had rules about adult content on the platform. Projects that violated these rules could be removed from Patreon, or would be subject to review. Since these changes went into effect, a of erotic games on the platform now display the following message:.

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On Reddit, the creator of Lewdlab said their project went under review until the was modified so that words, descriptions, tags, and pictures met the community guidelines. Patreon apparently did not ask for the game itself to be changed, Lewdlab wrote. The game itself, however, appears to still be available for patrons.

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Some of the projects that went down for days have started to come back with cleaned-up s, while others remain in limbo. While some creators are readily complying with the changes, the enforcement of these rules seems to be making people nervous. It should suffice to say that funding is crucial for the survival of the project, so we will definitely be taking backup plans more seriously. As a back-up plan, Eromancer will keep back-up records every month to make sure the project can fulfill orders of the finished game promised on Patreon.

Elsewhere, creators of adult content on Patreon are banding together to petition the service to reconsider its rules around sexual material. Based on the blog post that originally announced the changes, Patreon seems aware that its stance on adult content makes things complicated for users. The A. By Patricia Hernandez.

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Malise and the Machine, one of the games that changed its Patreon .

Adult sex games patreon

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