3 way sex game

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This game is the eight entry in a long running series.

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As you have likely already figured out from the title of this game, you will be getting to enjoy what is literally every single man with a pulse's deepest desire - to have their way with three different sexy babes, all together at the same time! Starting out in this game, it will play out like a movie, with a guy breaking into a facility to steal a very valuable, and frankly, very powerful dildo, known to bestow some sort of unknown but wonderful gift on the bearer of it.

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The guy is grabbing it as a trio of sexy vixens bust in, determined to stop him from doing it. They're just a second too late in getting to him - it's already started to merge with him, and bestowing upon him the power it wields - causing him to suddenly sprout an additional pair of cocks next to his one.

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This is happening right as the girls are closing in on you - the game will pause and then you'll be prompted to make a hoice - kick some ass, or have some group sex! And come on, if you're on this website, we all know damn well what the answer is going to be here! The girls will be delighted to see your trio of big, rock hard cocks, and will all bend over in front of you to let you pound out their soaking wet pussies deep and hard from behind, all at once!

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From there you'll knock them out with your mysterious power as you cum inside of their pussies and leave them unconscious. From there, it's off on more adventures, where you'll get to make similar choices and have quite a lot of opportunities to see some truly hot and steamy XXX action. Registered users can comment and rate games, contact other users, create favorite lists and more!

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3 way sex game

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