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I thought they would have let the guys on the crew know. I've been openly gay for three years now." He said it all with a straight face, but I still gotta wonder, "Is he jerking me around?" His directness caught me off guard and maybe my expression is wrong or something 'cause Chad says, "Oh, don't tell me you're one of those haters, Dylan; you didn't seem like one." I'm groping for words, "Hater? Whaddya mean?" He xnxx sex video goes, "I indo xnxx mean xnxx xnxx a homophobe. Do you have www xnxx a problem with gay guys?" This has got me on the defensive because I'm not sure if he's serious. Is he actually gay and completely upfront about xnxx selingkuh it or making an ass out of me because I jokingly accused him of being gay? Other than Willie and Jay, all the gay boys I know are in the closet so I'm not sure how to react to someone coming right out with it like this. vidio xnxx Chad's waiting for my response with a blank expression. I'll keep it simple, "No. I've no problem with gays. I don't know any, but I've got no problem with you or anyone else being gay." He's nodding like he wants to hear more, so I add, "You asked about Rob; I'm sure he's straight, if that's what you're wondering." Chad, waving at my exhaled cigarette smoke; then chuckling, says, "I wasn't asking free porn xnxx about that. I already know about Rob, he's not...." His sentence cuts off when we hear the signal to load the trucks and then Robby shouting, "Let's get moving guys!" Chad and I hustle over to the trucks and my last workday before Wildwood begins. On the ride to our xnxxcom first job site I'm thinking about Chad's comments and conclude there's nothing xnxx porno necessarily going on between him and Robby; not that I thought there was in the first place. Chad was in the supervisor's locker room because he's training to be an assistant supervisor. That's simple enough. 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